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8 Reasons Why You Should Have An Engagement Session

Unsure if you should have an engagement session? So many couples forego their session but I truly believe this is a giant missed opportunity! Below are 8 reasons why you should have an engagement session #noregrets

You'll Feel More Relaxed On Your Day

Most people haven't been photographed professionally before - especially in Australia where senior portraits and prom shoots aren't the norm. By having an engagement session before your wedding day, you can get to know what it feels like to be in front of the camera and get over that the 'oh no, I'm in front of a camera' jitters and awkwardness. Instead of going through that on your wedding day, you can relax into your photographers direction, learn to trust their judgement and see how they work with you which will allow you to feel more relaxed AND confident.

You Get A Practice Run

Like a makeup trial or a cake testing day, an engagement session is the perfect time to practice all of those newly married poses and prompts.

This is the perfect time to get out that Pinterest board and ask your photographer if you can try out a couple poses to see how they'll look with you and your fiancé.

Extra tip : If you're booking a hair and makeup artist, why not time your engagement session with your makeup trial? By doing this you can see exactly how your styling will look on camera and your hmua will be able to make changes if it's not quite translating well in the final images!

You'll Be Able To See What Your Wedding Photos Will Be Like

Your photographer will probably use similar prompts and posing to your wedding day. This is a practice for them too! When they're delivered, you'll be able to envision how your wedding day portraits will be like.

This is also the time to let your photographer know if there's anything you DIDN'T like about your photos. Maybe you feel like the posing didn't flatter you. Maybe you thought you wanted more candid images, but you're feeling like you need a little more structure and direction. This is the time to communicate with your photographer so they can take notes and apply them to your wedding day.

Your Photographer will be able to photograph you better

Every couple has a different dynamic. Some are very traditional, some are very untraditional. Some like goofy poses while other prefer more classic styled posing. From the setting, posing and prompts; having an engagement session will allow your photographer to really explore and get to know you both as a couple without the added pressure of your wedding day.

Not only this but your photographer will more likely be able to experiment and get a little more creative that they may not be able to achieve with a strict wedding timeline to follow.

You'll Be Able to Document Your Engagement Too

Most couples get those professional photos from their wedding, and that's it. But the engagement experience is just as important as the wedding day experience and deserves to be documented too (in my opinion). It's a great time to document that time of excitement, anticipation and reflection on what your married life together will bring.

You'll Have Awesome photos of just you two that aren't just holiday snaps.

Let's be real here. Most photos people have of themselves are either taken selfie style, or by that relative who ALWAYS presses the button at the ONE unflattering moment....you know the one. When was the last time you got professional photos of the two of you together?

Having an engagement session is the perfect opportunity to get some great photos of you as a couple that can really showcase your true personalities without all of the dressing up and pressure of the wedding day.

Have kids and want to include them? DO IT. You can even bring along your pets! Engagement sessions are more relaxed and more true to you.

You Can Make It A Date

Look, wedding planning can be great, but it can also be a bit stressful at times. From guest lists, to vendors, timelines and everything in between - you and your fiancé will probably have different ideas and butt heads.

Taking some time to reconnect with each other with an engagement session will let you remember why you're embarking on this crazy wedding planning thing and will let you both just enjoy each others company without any added wedding talk stress.

I always feel like I've helped my couples fall in love all over again after my session and that's exactly how it should feel!

You Can Use The Photos for your Save The Dates and/or display them at your wedding reception

This is pretty self explanatory. Choose one of your engagement pictures and use it to send out your save the dates. People love it and will be more likely to stick it up on their fridge (because it's of two people they care about!). You can also create a photo book of your engagement pictures and have guests sign at your reception. The options are endless!