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Couple session in Centennial Park, Sydney

Centennial Park is one of those iconic Sydney locations for couples portraits that is a go-to for any Sydney photographer. There’s so many different locations within the park that each session can have a completely different vibe depending on where in the park you go. For Jes and Nelsons session, we stayed towards the front of the park but got SO MANY DIFFERENT LOOKING SHOTS.

But first, their story :

Jes and Nelson met at work. Nelson was attracted to Jes’ bold personality after she made the first move and asked him out on a coffee date. From there their relationship quickly developed. They share Jes’ dog, Zelda, who’s boundless energy and attachment to Jes made her unable to come to our session (maybe next time!)

Although Zelda was left home, we bumped into TWO of their friends which showed my just how social Jes and Nelson are and just how little friends I actually have !! They were such a great couple and I’m so happy we were able to get so many images of them having fun and being silly together.

My favourite location was in the rose garden during golden hour. Backlit portraits during golden hour are SO GOOD Y’ALL (see this Castlereigh Hall Engagement Session for more on THAT!)

Check out some of the photos from our session below!

If you’re interested in having an engagement session at Centennial Park, Sydney, head to the contact page and send me an email! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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